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Jillian Mayhew-Leavitt, PT Welcomes You

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Serving Haliburton County

Please note, I am currently not accepting new clients as I am on maternity leave. Please reach out if you are a previous client of mine. Thank you- Jillian 

What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy that focuses on rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, hips and core and  treats dysfunctions involved in pregnancy, urinary, bowel and sexual functions. The pelvic floor muscles are located between the sacrum and the hip bones, and can be assessed both internally and externally.

Who Can Benefit?
​Individuals with:

  • Urinary frequency, urgency, hesitancy, stopping and starting of the urine stream, painful urination, or incomplete emptying

  • Constipation, straining, pain with bowel movements

  • Unexplained pain in low back, lower abdomen, pelvic region, hips, genital area, or rectum

  • Pain during or after intercourse, orgasm, or sexual stimulation

  • Pain during vaginal exams or when using a tampon (women)

  • Uncoordinated muscle contractions causing the pelvic floor muscles to spasm

  • Urinary and Fecal Urgency, Urge Incontinence, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Prostatitis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Pain during urination or when the bladder is full

  • Urine leakage when coughing, sneezing or laughing

  • Chronic pain linked to endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome or fibromyalgia

Fun Facts:

  • It is custom in France for women who undergo a vaginal delivery to see a pelvic floor Physiotherapist as part of their post partum recovery 

  • American Urological Association now recommends diet modification and pelvic floor physiotherapy as the first line of defence for individuals with painful bladder syndrome 

  • Research is saying that pelvic floor physiotherapy should be completed for all individuals who suffer from leakage BEFORE surgery is considered ​

  • Pelvic floor physiotherapy is the gold standard in Britain for treating stress and urge incontinence 

Meet Jillian


Jillian completed her Master's of Physical Therapy from Queen's University and her Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology from Laurentian University. 

She has taken additional training and courses in Pelvic Health, Concussions, Acupuncture, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. Jillian has a special interest in pre and post natal care. 

Jillian was born and raised in Haliburton and is happy to be providing this much needed service in her hometown.

Jillian works full time as an Orthopeadic and Long Term Care Physiotherapist for Haliburton Highlands Health Services 

When she is not in a clinic she can be found outdoors camping, hiking, fishing or snowmobiling with her husband and her dog, Koda. 

Fee Schedule 

Pelvic Therapy

Initial Assessment (60 minutes)- $130 

Post-Natal Re-assessment (60 minutes for previous pre-natal clients)- $100

Subsequent Treatments (45 minutes)- $85


Orthopaedic Therapy

Initial Assessment (60 minutes)- $120

Subsequent Treatments (30-45 minutes)- $80

Cancellation Policy

Clients will be charged based on the scheduled session fee for no show appointments 
*Less than 24 hours notice - charged 50%

*please note, exceptions can be made 


Open Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 4-6pm 

Contact Me

705 455 3155

Thanks for submitting!

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